How To Target And Get The Partner Of Your Dreams

By Christy The Matchmaker

Introduction: If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you’re looking for something. More specifically you are looking for someone, and that someone is the partner of your dreams. The goal is simple -- Target and find the one individual that meets your expectations and can give you a long, meaningful relationship. However, with many simple goals, it is not so easy to achieve it.How do you target the right person? Once you find them, how do you approach or attract them to you in the right way? In this course, I’m going to teach you how to answer all of these questions. You will learn how to improve yourself, branch out of your comfort zone, and find the partner of your dreams.

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A Two-hours face-to-face consultation with Christy The Matchmaker. This fee will be deducted should you decide to sign a matchmaking contract.

Image Assessment

Impact your love life! Let Christy The Matchmaker give you an honest and insightful assessment on your physical appearance as it relates to dating. You may need a major or minor enhancement to help gain advantage in the dating arena. This is a one-hour session.


Our winged lady will accompany you to any public venue: Happy Hours, parties, clubbing, office functions, and networking events. Now you can have your own personal flirt instructor. She will serve as your one-on-one instructor. You’ll get tips on how to relax, be engaging and comfortable enough to chat with anyone you’re attracted to. Our winged lady is an expert at introductions, ice breakers and will make it easy to mix and mingle. Want to meet a special guy or lady in the room? Our winged lady will be the bold one to strike up a conversation and introduce you. Our winged lady is a professional, so you don’t have to worry about him or her being competition! NOTE: This is not an escort service!

Meeting Mr. Right or Mrs. Right Coaching Session

Join Christy the Matchmaker for a one-on-one session to talk about strategies to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right. This session includes a comprehensive Dating Plan to help you start immediately meeting more guys or ladies that fit into your criteria for dating. Session lasts for 90 minutes.

Image Consultation / Makeover Clinic

Schedule a PRIVATE “Makeover Clinic” with Christy The Matchmaker!

  • Image/dating assessment and advice
  • Wardrobe recommendations including seasonal color analysis
  • Two hours personal shopper service

CHAT on SKYPE - 30 Minutes

If you reside outside of Orlando, no worries! You can still consult with Christy The Matchmaker by purchasing a SKYPE session. Discuss any issue in a 30-minute session.

Online Dating Profile Evaluation

Do you have a hard-time writing a really eye-catching profile on an online dating site? We’ll not only assist you with writing the best essay, we’ll also give you suggestions on photo selection, username and choosing the right website


Let Christy teach you a special technique to help bring out your sex appeal. In this session, you can also get helpful hints and support on the most intimate aspect of your love-life. This 90-minute session could be individual or taken as a group.

Love Dating Culture Club

If you are local to any of the host countries listed for our events such as Italy and Ghana, do Join our Exclusive, Love Dating Culture Club for access to our VIP guests. Our guests are usually from the USA and Canada, however, their nationalities may vary. Your one-year membership grants you unlimited entry to all of our events, so you can mix and mingle. If you’re looking to meet our international singles while they are visiting your home city, JOIN NOW. Your membership includes:

  • VIP Entry to all of our social events.
  • Exclusive meet and mingle opportunities with our awesome single guests.
  • All eligible bachelor and bachelorette have been pre-screened by our staff.


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Style By Christiana-School of Etiquette

Our goal at Style By Christiana’s School of Etiquette is to ensure the social success of both youth and adults. We utilize a progressive series of fun and interactive etiquette training events to convey social skills, emotional IQ, and confidence that come from a solid foundation in the rules of etiquette. Good manners go hand-in-hand with leadership, hence, those who attain these soft skills are more considerate and successful in their lives.

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