Cool Date Idea – Sharing your Adventurous Side

When I met my husband, he was working in Nigeria.  This was one of his many overseas postings and his willingness to explore the world and his adventurous side attracted me to him.   To this day, one of our favorite things to do as a family is travel to discover the world.   Adventurousness is a quality that many people desire in a partner and it can be expressed through travel, food, hobbies and shopping.

If you want to find an adventurous partner, you can ‘test’ your potential partner’s love of adventure early in the relationship.   Keep in mind that you don’t want to force someone to do something that they genuinely do not want to do! But gentle coaxing is allowed to push them out of their comfort zone.    Plan the date based on something you enjoy doing, so that you can be the expert and open your partner up to a new experience.  If it is something you are already familiar with, you will be more confident and at ease during the date.

If you enjoy travel, plan a road trip or geocaching date.   If you are outdoorsy, try hiking, biking, camping or rock climbing.  If you are near an ocean, river or lake, try tubing, canoeing or kayaking, white water rafting, fishing, or learning to surf or sail.    In winter, relive your childhood and go skating, make a snowman, build a snow fort or go tobogganing.   Take a winery or brewery tour for a tasting.   Introduce your partner to a new type of cuisine or plan a progressive dinner where you go to one restaurant for appetizers, another for the main course and a third for dessert and coffee.  If you are sporty, try bungee jumping, sky diving.  On the less adventurous side but still more exciting than the typical dinner and a movie, you can always go to a theme park, carnival, rodeo, indoor arcade, laser tag, participate in a flash mob and go go-carting.   For shopping try a farmer’s market, flea market or go to garage sales.

Relationships grow through being introduced to a partner’s interests.  In some cases, you may discover that you would like to adopt these interests whereas in others it might be something that they do with their friends as opposed to their partner.   Either way, displaying your interests and your passion for life is exciting and attractive to potential partners.

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