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I’m Christy The Matchmaker: Your head-hunter for love. My mission is to help you find the partner of your dreams.

As a concierge dating-service for the busy professional, my clients include global professionals such as CEOs, lawyers, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs and much more.

I've designed tools and tips to make your search for a soul mate as stress-free as possible. I put a personal touch to your search, by helping you craft a strategy to find you a serious-minded mate, who possesses the whole package: the right-looks, brains, and personality.

My Services include:

  • Concierge Dating Service
  • Coaching: Tools & Strategies for Finding Love
  • Image Consulting: Building & Repairing Self-Esteem
  • Sexuality Education

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“We are delighted to have been acquainted with Christy the Matchmaker who has been instrumental in bringing us together as a couple. She facilitated our meeting, which has resulted in many mesmerizing and magical moments filled with love and a future together. We are grateful to Christy the matchmaker for helping us find the love of our dreams.”

Stephanie and Ricky, Orlando, FL

“My work schedule as a Hospice Nurse left me with an almost non-existing love-life. Christy The Matchmaker is caring and skilled in finding and matching people with real partnership potential. She worked interactively with me to discover my precise requirements and preferences. She left me with no doubt that I made the right choice in letting her guide me in the most effective way to find that person of substance with whom to start a meaningful relationship. Phil and I are happily married now. Christy The Matchmaker rocks!”

Rosalyn, Orlando, FL

“My online dating experiences were pretty much dismal to say the least. I appreciate your arrangement of face to face social interaction rather than digital dating forums. I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism you have shown me. Your ability to match people with certain core values is amazing! Thank you Christy for bringing Lynda and I together. We’re forever grateful.”

Pete, Orlando, FL

“After my divorce 5 years ago, I needed to start my love-life all over again with the right partner. Working with Christy The Matchmaker has been great! Her helpful dating and comportment advice came in very handy during the dating process. I found my love match Sara on my 3rd date. “

Dan, Tampa FL